Product Name: CrewTracks
Summary Description of Product: CrewTracks is a construction field management software designed to help foremen and managers become more efficient at their jobs. Our goal is to untangle the mess that can lie between bidding and accounting through clear communication between the office and the field. For office workers, the web interface enables you to import bids, schedule jobs, dispatch crews and equipment, and view automatically generated reports in real time. For field workers and foremen, the mobile app allows field workers to report attendance, production, track materials and equipment usage, and fill out necessary documents for the job or required documents from the company. CrewTracks helps you gather the information you need to eliminate paperwork, stay within budget, and stop letting time and money slip through the cracks.
Categories Product Covers: Project Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Client Communication, Contract Management, Project Management, Daily Logs, Document / Photo Management, Incident Reporting, Task Management, Timesheets, APPs for Construction, Equipment Tracking
Target Customers: Earthwork/Excavating, Electrical, Finish Contractor, Home Builder Custom, Home Remediation and REO, Home Remodeling, Landscaping, Masonry and Stone, Mechanical HVAC, Paving, Plumbing, Roofing and Siding, Utility Contractor, Other Specialty Contractor
Targe size of customer service: 1 to 5 Employees, 6 to 10 Employees, 11 to 20 Employees, 21 to 50 Employees, 51 to 100 Employees, 501 to 1000 Employees
Deployment Methods Offered: Cloud
Markets served: United States, Canada
Describe Pricing Plan: Pricing is per person, per month, and varies depending on company size. Average pricing is about $20 per employee per month. For example, a company with 40 employees would pay $19 per person, or $760 per month. If you opt to pay annually, you get two months free.
Describe Demo or test drive program Contact us.
Customer Testimonials: 
Find out why thousands trust CrewTracks to provide real-time data to field crews and office staff. Enjoy frequent updates, knowing you use the latest and greatest software.

If you’ve tried other software in the past, you will love our account manager model. Don’t call an 800 number; call your guy at CrewTracks.

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