Product Name: Dataforma
Summary Description of Product: Dataforma is a service management and project management software for commercial contractors. Contractors use Dataforma to track all jobs (service or production) from initial contact through invoicing (Dataforma can export invoices to any accounting system) and even warranty creation and management. Dataforma is a single system with mobile time card, paperless service management, mobile inspections, daily job and safety reports, integrated GPS and a customer portal.
Categories Product Covers: Bid Management, Project Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Job Cost Management, Change Orders, Client Communication, Contract Management, Project Management, Daily Logs, Document / Photo Management, Lead Management, Purchase Order Management, RFI Management, Submittal Management, Task Management, Timesheets, Warranty / Service Mgmt., Commercial Service Management – Dispatch, APPs for Construction, Equipment Tracking
Target Customers: Electrical, Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing and Siding
Targe size of customer service: 11 to 20 Employees, 21 to 50 Employees, 51 to 100 Employees, 501 to 1000 Employees, More than 1000 Employees
Deployment Methods Offered: Cloud
Markets served: United States, Canada
Describe Pricing Plan: Two pricing schedules, one for roofing contractors (our core market) and one for non-roofing contractors.

Roofing: $4,500 one-time installation and training fee (we train all of their staff and customize all initial templates with their logo). User fee begins at $79/user/month and goes down to $51/user/month as the client purchases more users.

Non-Roofing: $2,500 one-time installation and training fee, $50/user/month.
Describe Demo or test drive program We allow contractors to log into our demo database and click around as much as they like after they’ve seen a demo with one of our sales staff.

We do not offer a free database for ‘x’ period of time, contractors need to pay the installation fee to have their own database.
Customer Testimonials: 
Dataforma has improved all aspects of our service department from point of call, dispatch and proposal turnaround. Sales and customer satisfaction have never been higher by offering the Client Portal service.

If you are looking for a way to get your foot in the door, the Client Portal will get you there. Ease of training, navigation and overall use have made it a seamless transition from our old carbon copies and spreadsheets.

Matt Foran, Foran’s Roofing

We have been with Dataforma for 7 years now. During this time our company has experienced dramatic growth with additions of satellite offices.

Their system has been crucial to improving our organization. The centralized database has been a great communication tool throughout the entire company. The mobile app was easily implemented by our field employees and has eliminated the majority of paperwork problems.

Mike Cotterman, Cotterman & Company

Although I was hesitant to sign on with Dataforma, I realized that my vision for organizing our electronic information was not only created but better than what I could have expected.

The strength of Dataforma is the team behind the program and their willingness to listen to all of their partners and to continue to add to and modify and already outstanding product. It is evident that the team at Dataforma has a philosophy of continual improvement.

J. Reed Gooding, GSM Roofing

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