Product Name: eSUB
Summary Description of Product: eSUB Cloud is the only construction software specifically designed for subcontractors. It helps you manage your project documents and field communications more efficiently. Eliminate ineffective paperwork, reduce project delays, and build trust with your field teams and general contractors.

Streamline the way you create and manage daily reports and other project documents. eSUB Cloud subcontractor software provides standardized formats. This allows everyone on your team to use the same template. This consistency allows for efficient communication from the field to the office.

Say goodbye to the days of scrambling to find the right document or project information. Easily store, manage, and share all your construction project documents on one cloud-based platform. With unlimited storage, you’ll never have to worry about being without a crucial piece of information — so you can get your project done faster.
Categories Product Covers: Bid Management, Plan Room /FTP, Job Cost Management, Change Orders, Lien Release Management, Client Communication, Contract Management, Project Management, Daily Logs, Document / Photo Management, Permit Management, Incident Reporting, Purchase Order Management, Subcontractor Management (Insurance), RFI Management, Submittal Management, Supplier Management, Task Management, Timesheets, Payroll Software Service, APPs for Construction, Equipment Tracking
Target Customers: Earthwork/Excavating, Electrical, Finish Contractor, Landscaping, Masonry and Stone, Mechanical HVAC, Paving, Plumbing, Roofing and Siding, Utility Contractor, Other Specialty Contractor
Targe size of customer service: 1 to 5 Employees, 6 to 10 Employees, 11 to 20 Employees, 21 to 50 Employees, 51 to 100 Employees, 501 to 1000 Employees, More than 1000 Employees
Deployment Methods Offered: Cloud
Markets served: United States, Canada
Describe Pricing Plan: Base
Close the communication gap. Build better collaboration with standardized, real-time field information, streamlined payroll processes and manage labor productivity all in one place.
/user/month (annually)

Manage all your core job documents in one place. Simplify documentation, scheduling, and project processes to reduce redundancy and inconsistent information across teams.

/user/month (annually)
Describe Demo or test drive program eSUB is here to help. Connect with a member of our team for a free consultation.
Customer Testimonials: 
Any Temp Heating & Cooling
Addison, IL
“Looking closely at our manual processes, we realized that project management software like eSUB would help us improve communication and manage our time and projects better.”

Above All Store Fronts
Hauppauge, NY
“eSUB is a pretty good indicator, early on, of how we’re doing. With a high level of accuracy, we can see how we are doing on each task.”

Warco Construction Inc.
Charlotte, NC
“With everything recorded in a centralized place, it is easily accessible, and the information is there if we need to reference back to it. ”

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