JobPlanner Construction Management Software

Product Name: JobPlanner Construction Management Software
Summary Description of Product: End to End Project Management Software. All the functionality of the big guys at up to 80% less cost.
Track All Of Your Jobs In One Place
Say goodbye to the inconvenience of pen and paper & the hassle of juggling multiple spreadsheets. By minimizing your time spent on administrative tasks, you can devote more energy to wowing your valued clients.

Job Planner seamlessly integrates with Sage and QuickBooks
Categories Product Covers: Bid Management, Plan Room /FTP, Project Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Job Cost Management, Change Orders, Client Communication, Contract Management, Project Management, Daily Logs, Document / Photo Management, Permit Management, Incident Reporting, Purchase Order Management, Subcontractor Management (Insurance), RFI Management, Submittal Management, Supplier Management, Task Management, Timesheets, Equipment Tracking
Target Customers: Building Owner, Design Build Commercial, Electrical, Finish Contractor, General Contractor, Government Contractor, Home Builder Custom, Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing, Other Specialty Contractor
Targe size of customer service: 1 to 5 Employees, 6 to 10 Employees, 11 to 20 Employees, 21 to 50 Employees, 51 to 100 Employees, 501 to 1000 Employees
Deployment Methods Offered: Cloud
Markets served: United States, Canada
Describe Pricing Plan: Project Management is 25 dollars per user per month
Project Management plus Job Costing is 35 dollars per user per month
All the above plus Bid Management and PreQual is 50 dollars per month
Describe Demo or test drive program 30 free trial
Customer Testimonials: 
JobPlanner is a spinoff of
This exact software serves over 200 GC accounts for Pantera
JobPlanner is now taking on new customers

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