Product Name: Knowify
Summary Description of Product: Knowify empowers trade and subcontractors with the tools and insights to manage their finances, teams, and projects more effectively. Handle your budgeting, bidding, job costing, invoicing, and much more – all in one place.
Job costing and estimating
Easily plan jobs and itemize labor and material budgets to create detailed cost estimates that can be translated into bids with a single click. Track the cost of materials, labor, subs, and equipment against those budgets.

Bids, contracts, and service work
Quickly create bids and contracts on your personalized letterhead and send them through Knowify for electronic signature. Create service tickets and schedule technicians on work orders in just a few clicks.

Time tracking and scheduling
Create, maintain, and share your schedule in Knowify to give your crew visibility into what needs to be worked on while they’re in the field. Your team can clock in and out and capture expenses directly from the mobile app.

Knowify is built from the ground up to connect with QuickBooks Online
Categories Product Covers: Takeoff, Estimating, Bid Management, Business Development (construction leads), Project Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Job Cost Management, Change Orders, Client Communication, Contract Management, Project Management, Daily Logs, Document / Photo Management, Permit Management, Incident Reporting, Lead Management, Purchase Order Management, Subcontractor Management (Insurance), RFI Management, Submittal Management, Supplier Management, Task Management, Timesheets, Equipment Tracking
Target Customers: Electrical, Finish Contractor, Home Remediation and REO, Home Remodeling, Landscaping, Masonry and Stone, Mechanical HVAC, Paving, Plumbing, Roofing and Siding, Utility Contractor, Other Specialty Contractor
Targe size of customer service: 1 to 5 Employees, 6 to 10 Employees, 11 to 20 Employees, 21 to 50 Employees
Deployment Methods Offered: Cloud
Markets served: United States, Canada
Describe Pricing Plan: $149 to $249 a month
Describe Demo or test drive program contact us for a demo
Customer Testimonials: 
Since 2011, Gregg Macdougall has run his own handyman business out of Annapolis, Maryland. He and his team handle a variety of projects, from regular service contracts to multi-day contract jobs. Knowify has helped them keep their ever growing business organized and efficient for the past two years.

Safe Harbor is a commercial roofing and siding business based in Overland Park, Kansas, and covering the entire Wichita, Omaha, and St. Louis area. Owner Jim Reeves has expanded his team from one full time employee at founding to six employees today, in addition to a large team of subcontractors. Reeves is also the owner of a residential roofing company in the region.

“I noticed I was way over budget and it didn’t make sense. So I looked into it further on Knowify, and discovered that my guys had done extra work. I was able to get a change order out immediately. Catching that was worth thousands of dollars to me.”


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